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The story of Thomas King's "Borders"  is a fictional story about a mother and her son trying to cross the American and Canadian border. However, the metaphorical border of the story is about oneself retaining their real identity, and being able to express their beliefs and faith to maintain that identity.

The story is written from the boy's point of view, so the general tone of the "Borders" is calm and innocent. For example, on their third night sleeping in the car, the boy kept on bringing up if Mel will be bringing them hamburgers. He does not understand what the real situation was to why they were there. He was just going along to where his mother will take him. 

The purpose of the story is for us to pause for a moment and think about our own identity. Nowadays an individual's identity is easily forgotten just to simply attain what they wanted. I admire her confidence and courage to stand up for what she believed in and not easily given up their identity as a "Blackfoot" to an "American" or "Canadian" identity. Even though, "it would have been easier if [the] mother had just said 'Canadian' and been done with it" (135). She believed that they are on neither "Canadian" or "American" side, so she fought to maintain their citizenship as a Blackfoot. I envy her boldness because if it was any other people, including myself I would have just given and said either Canadian or American citizenship.

In conclusion, the mother and the boy was able to cross the American border as a Blackfoot. The main idea of the "Borders" is that our own heritage can be easily forgotten, but we take pride and not be ashamed of our own identity, to where we originally came from. We should be grateful and not be ashamed even if other people might not be as acceptance as others.



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