basketball_girl08 ([personal profile] basketball_girl08) wrote2013-05-12 01:39 pm

The Game by Ken Dryden

"The Game" by Ken Dryden mentioned many things about how it is like being a celebrity and how fans makes up these "images" to how a celebrity should be to stay in the game and be famous. Dryden talked about "if they're inarticulate, harsh and pejorative, they're suddenly just jocks. Merely lucky, less likable, less good at life, less celebrated; finally, they even seem less good on the ice" (Ackley, Blank, and Hume, p. 134). People creates the "image" to how a celebrity should be and live their life and sometimes this leads to losing their own identity. Therefore, celebrities were able to adapt to this lifestyle by learning the "skills" to always look good and modest in front of the public to be able to stay in the game.